Joe Bater

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— With the advent of cognitive radio technology, new paradigms for spectrum access can achieve near-optimal spectrum utilisation by letting each user sense and utilise available spectrum opportunistically while regulating the interference it imposes on other users through interference constraints. However , the simplest and most common forms of such(More)
— We propose a new spectrum-access etiquette for cognitive radios in a spectrum commons. When congestion might block a new device from initiating a call, the surrounding devices coordinate their actions and locally reassign their spectrum to create a gap for the new entrant. The etiquette is designed for devices operating dissimilar services with different(More)
—Cognitive Radio promises better spectrum utilisa-tion through decentralised control, sensing and decision making. The devices are intended to be inexpensive, upgradeable and adaptable. However, introducing upgraded devices into a decentralised environment may cause unexpected results, the upgrades may require a critical mass to show any benefit, and may(More)
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