Joe Bailey

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Sales by small volume sellers are systematically undercounted in public and private surveys of ecommerce. The twin results are that the contribution of small sellers to the ecommerce marketplace is considerably larger than generally assumed and the overall market is larger by this difference. As the costs of selling things online have fallen with cheaper(More)
Beneath 5,000 meters of water midway between Hawaii and California, the Hawaii-2 Observatory (H2O) rests on the seafloor (Figure1). The dream of a deep-ocean scientific observatory is a reality. Telemetry and power comes via a retired telephone cable—Hawaii-2—donated by AT&T to the IRIS Consortium for the benefit of the scientific community. H2O is the(More)
Determining cell mechanical properties is increasingly recognized as a marker-free way to characterize and separate biological cells. This emerging realization has led to the development of a plethora of appropriate measurement techniques. Here, we use a fairly novel approach, deterministic lateral displacement (DLD), to separate blood cells based on their(More)
The alarming increase of pathogenic bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics is now recognized as a major health issue fuelling demand for new drugs. Bacterial resistance is often caused by molecular changes at the bacterial surface, which alter the nature of specific drug-target interactions. Here, we identify a novel mechanism by which(More)
Real-time image signaling and quantification methods are described that allow easy-to-use, fast extraction of the electrical properties of nanoparticles. Positive dielectrophoretic (pDEP) collection rate analysis enables the dielectric properties of very small samples of nanoparticles to be accurately quantified. Advancing earlier work involving dual-cycle(More)
We report a broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber with two nested back-to-back split-ring resonators constituting a single planar resonator. Bandwidths of 0.66THz and 0.98THz with the absorptivity above 0.8 and 0.6 were experimentally obtained respectively.
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