Joe Bailey

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Using the World Wide Web at 28.8 Kbps (or less) can be a frustrating experience: a multimedia page that takes a fraction of a second to download at Ethernet speeds takes many seconds at modem rates. Two enhancements to existing infrastructure have the potential to deliver more satisfactory residential Internet access: ISDN telephone service, and upgraded(More)
Determining cell mechanical properties is increasingly recognized as a marker-free way to characterize and separate biological cells. This emerging realization has led to the development of a plethora of appropriate measurement techniques. Here, we use a fairly novel approach, deterministic lateral displacement (DLD), to separate blood cells based on their(More)
Real-time image signaling and quantification methods are described that allow easy-to-use, fast extraction of the electrical properties of nanoparticles. Positive dielectrophoretic (pDEP) collection rate analysis enables the dielectric properties of very small samples of nanoparticles to be accurately quantified. Advancing earlier work involving dual-cycle(More)
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