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In the wild-type C. elegans germ line there are both mitotic and meiotic germ cells. Mutations in glp-1 cause germ cells that would normally divide mitotically to enter meiosis. This mutant phenotype mimics the effect of killing the distal tip cell, a somatic cell that interacts with the germ line to regulate the mitotic/meiotic decision. In addition,(More)
The glp-1 and lin-12 genes mediate several cell interactions during C. elegans development. We have identified the glp-1 gene in a region about 20 kb from lin-12. In collaboration with Yochem and Greenwald (1989; see accompanying paper), we show that a sequence identified by its similarity to lin-12 is in fact glp-1. We find a single 4.4 kb glp-1 transcript(More)
We have characterized the interaction and nuclear localization of the nucleocapsid (N) protein and phosphoprotein (P) of sonchus yellow net nucleorhabdovirus. Expression studies with plant and yeast cells revealed that both N and P are capable of independent nuclear import. Site-specific mutagenesis and deletion analyses demonstrated that N contains a(More)
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