Jody Threet

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High assurance security is diicult to achieve in distributed computer systems and databases because of their complexity, non-determinism and inherent heterogeneity. The practical application of formal methods is the key to high assurance security in open, distributed environments. This paper proposes the use of formal methods and a special layered(More)
Access control is the cornerstone of information security and integrity, but the semantic diversity of object models makes it diicult to provide a common foundation for access control in object-oriented systems. This paper presents a primitive capability-based access control architecture that can model a variety of authorization policies for object-oriented(More)
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The heterogeneity a n d v olatility of open distributed systems make high assurance security a n elusive goal. One solution is to provide developers with tools for designing and implementing robust object systems with veriiable behavior in open environments (Cleaveland et al., 1 9 9 4). The Meta-Object Operating System Environment(More)
Distributed computing ooers tremendous beneets that can be realized only through the seamless and secure interoperation of heterogeneous computing resources. The emergence of mission-critical Internet enterprises such as electronic commerce and telemedicine establishes high assurance distributed computing as an important area of research. The inherent(More)
A hybrid of neural net and branch and bound search techniques for seismic horizon tracking is described in this paper and its results on real as well as synthetic data are shown. Seismic horizon tracking is tracking of reflections from a subsurface bed boundary in processed seismic data. Accurately tracking horizons is important for hydrocarbon exploration.(More)
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