Jody S. White

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OBJECTIVE The obesigenic and related health effects of caloric sweeteners are subjects of much current research. Consumers can properly adjust their diets to conform to nutritional recommendations only if the sugars composition of foods and beverages is accurately measured and reported, a matter of recent concern. We tested the hypothesis that high-fructose(More)
Understanding how spatial ecology varies between life stages, and whether there is an overlap of critical areas (e.g., nursery areas, breeding sites), may provide significant benefits to conservation planning. The present work examined the space use and residency of shark-like batoids (families Rhynchobatidae and Rhinobatidae) in a nearshore system. An(More)
List of Tables Table 1 Annual counts of fall chinook passing Winchester Dam, North Umpqua River Table 2 Redds counted in South Umpqua basin aerial fall chinook spawning surveys Table 3. Summary table of fall chinook escapement estimates with confidence intervals, bias and precision estimates. Table 4 Stratified, fully pooled and Darroch escapement estimates(More)
Table 3. Summary table of South Fork Coos River fall chinook spawner escapement estimates with confidence intervals, bias and precision estimates. Table 4. Sex and age composition of fall chinook spawners in the South Fork Coos River system. Table 5. Fate of chinook salmon tagged with radio transmitters at the Dellwood trap on the South Fork Coos River,(More)
List of Tables Table 1. Siuslaw River fall chinook survey reaches. Table 2. Siuslaw River basin fall chinook spawner escapement estimates. Table 3. Precision and bias estimates for Siuslaw River basin spawner escapement estimates. Table 4. Preliminary expansion factors for Siuslaw River fall chinook spawning ground surveys. Table 5. Summary of Siuslaw basin(More)
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