Jody Redepenning

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When the dimensions of a metallic conductor are reduced so that they become comparable to the de Broglie wavelengths of the conduction electrons, the absence of scattering results in ballistic electron transport and the conductance becomes quantized. In ferromagnetic metals, the spin angular momentum of the electrons results in spin-dependent conductance(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated that carbon nano-onion (CNO) is a promising candidate for high-power supercapacitors due to the nonporous outer shell, which is easily accessible to electrolyte ions. However, the nonporous ion-accessible outer shells also limit the energy density of the CNOs, which requires large specific surface area. Introducing porosity(More)
Angle-resolved photoemission study and first-principles calculation of the electronic structure of LaSb2, The electronic structure of metal/alkane thiol self-assembled monolayers/metal junctions for magnetoelectronics applications, Chemical Physics Letters 381 (2003) 7?13.
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