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Apoenzyme prepared by removal of the 2 mol of Zn2+/mol from Aeromonas aminopeptidase is inactive. Addition of Zn2+ reactivates it completely, and reconstitution with Co2+, Ni2+, or Cu2+ results in a 5.0-, 9.8-, and 10-fold more active enzyme than native aminopeptidase, respectively. Equilibrium dialysis and spectral titration experiments with Co2+ confirm(More)
Twenty-nine cultures isolated from nonaxenic growths of Chlorella sorokiniana (Shihira and Krauss) and eight reference cultures were tested for 150 morphological and biochemical characteristics. The taxonomic data were subjected to computer analysis from which five major clusters were identified. The bacterial isolates have been placed in the genera:(More)
Merkel, Joseph R. (Fort Johnson Marine Biological Laboratory, College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.), Eugene D. Traganza, Barid B. Mukherjee, Travis B. Griffin, and J. M. Prescott. Proteolytic activity and general characteristics of a marine bacterium, Aeromonas proteolytica sp. n. J. Bacteriol. 87:1227-1233. 1964.-A highly proteolytic bacterial species(More)