Jody Lee House

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Adult patients with posterior fossa tumors arising from the cerebellum and brainstem are reported. In each case the tumor presented as a cerebellopontine angle tumor and not as an intra-axial tumor. Tumors of CNS origin are uncommon in the posterior fossa in adults, but they may be seen by the otologist if the presenting symptoms are audiologic or(More)
Two unusual cases of cholesterol granuloma of the temporal bone manifested as cerebellopontine angle tumors. To our knowledge, cerebellopontine angle extension of this lesion has not previously been reported. Obstruction of ventilation and drainage of any air complex in the temporal bone may produce cholesterol granuloma. Asymptomatic involvement of the(More)
RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—The study was approved by the Human Institutional Review Board and the Animal Care and Use Committee at Legacy Research Institute (Portland, OR). Three patients with T1D were enrolled (age 25–57 years; duration of diabetes 2–21 years; none were hypoglycemic unaware). These people were unfamiliar to the dogs that were studied. For(More)
A plan of action is given for a newly funded research project on organizational evolution. In this study, our goals are to apply an evolutionary framework to organizational learning. The process includes a collaborative effort with partner companies to identify the working mechanisms behind the evolution of policies or decision rules. We also use computer(More)
Many entrepreneurial successes are attributed to the strong personalities of the new venture leaders, who offer vision, inspire loyalty, and display tenacity in solving problems to achieve their goals. Successful start-up ventures may bias perceptions of the anecdotal benefits of personality-driven leadership in firms too young to have established(More)