Jody L Williams

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The extent to which personality disorders (PDs) and associated symptom criteria were found among 117 cocaine- and opioid-dependent men selected from 350 consecutive inpatient admissions to a Veterans Administration Drug Dependence Treatment Unit over a 30-month period was examined using structured interview methodology. Drug groups were distinguished by(More)
Current genetic evaluations are performed separately for each breed. Multiple breed genetic evaluations, however, assume a common base among breeds, enabling producers to compare cattle of different breed makeup. Breed and heterosis effects are needed in a multibreed evaluation because databases maintained by breed associations include few crossbred(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine if sires perform consistently across altitude and to quantify the genetic relationship between growth and survival at differing altitudes. Data from the American Angus Association included weaning weight (WW) adjusted to 205 (n = 77,771) and yearling weight adjusted to 365 (n = 39,450) d of age from 77,771(More)
The objective of this study was to determine if weaning weight performance is genetically consistent across different environments in the United States. The American Angus Association provided weight and pedigree data. Weaning weights observed in the Southeast (SoE) and Northwest (NW) were the focus of this study, as these regions are perceived as opposite(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to compare cognitive and other outcomes of 2 groups of mood disorder patients, those who received ECT and those who did not, from 2 private South Australian hospitals during a 12-month period. METHODS Patients were assessed at admission and discharge from hospital on 2 validated instruments: the Health of the Nation Outcome Scales(More)
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