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Proper protocol for mycorrhizal inoculation of container grown landscape trees is uncertain. Therefore, vegetative and commercial spore inoculum of Pisolithus tinctorius were applied to Quercus palustris (pin oak) and Q. coccinea (scarlet oak) seedlings. All plants were grown in containers filled with 0.9 liters of milled pine bark, sterilized milled pine(More)
POPULATION STRUCTURE OF DOGWOOD ANTHRACNOSE FUNGUS N. Zhang and M. Blackwell Anthracnose, caused by Discula destructiva, affects several native dogwood species in North America, especially flowering dogwood in the east and Pacific dogwood in the west. The fungus behaves as a recently introduced plant pathogen under episodic selection. Two distinct disjunct(More)
A modified bacterial ice nucleation detection (BIND) assay was used for rapid and sensitive detection of several Salmonella species. For the BIND assay, Salmonella cells are infected with bacteriophage genetically modified to contain DNA encoding an ice nucleation protein (INP). After infection, de novo protein synthesis occurs and INPs are incorporated(More)
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