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BACKGROUND Manganese (Mn) plays a vital role in brain growth and development, yet excessive exposure can result in neurotoxicity. Marietta, Ohio, is home to the nation's longest-operating ferromanganese refinery, and community concern about exposure led to the development of the research study. OBJECTIVES Our overall goal was to address the community's(More)
Federal funding agencies increasingly support stakeholder participation in environmental health studies, and yet there is very little published research on engagement of community members in the development of data disclosure (DD) strategies. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency reported airborne manganese (Mn) concentrations in East Liverpool, Ohio, 30(More)
STUDY QUESTION What are the attitudes towards different aspects of embryo donation among Swedish infertile couples who have surplus cryopreserved embryos? SUMMARY ANSWER Nearly three-quarters of infertile couples with surplus embryos were in favour of embryo donation. A majority of respondents were also in favour of embryos being donated for research. (More)
Airborne manganese (Mn) exposure can result in neurotoxicity and postural instability in occupationally exposed workers, yet few studies have explored the association ambient exposure to Mn in children and postural stability. The goal of this study was to determine the association between Mn and lead (Pb) exposure, as measured by blood Pb, blood and hair Mn(More)
Physical therapists actively lobbied for, and gained from their association, the right to advertise. Not surprisingly, the display a positive attitude toward advertising and its effects on their profession. The authors examine professionals' and consumers' attitudes and desires toward physical therapy advertising. Results suggest the inclusion of(More)
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