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The Mysticism of Hebrews
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Ronald Williamson and the background of Hebrews
In 1976 Ronald Williamson published a brief article in the Expository Times suggesting that an early form of Merkavah mysticism best explains some of the distinctive features of Hebrews. The purposeExpand
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Unity in Christ: The Purpose of Ephesians
Discerning the purpose of Ephesians is a notoriously difficult task since the letter lacks the necessary specificity for identifying a particular life-setting to explain its composition. This articleExpand
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The “Erasmian” Pronunciation of Greek: Whose Error is It?
In 1635 the Dutch scholar Gerardus Vossius (1577–1649) published a work on the Art of Grammar where he makes reference to the circumstances in which Erasmus wrote his Dialogue on the Correct Way ofExpand
Anti-Jewish Interpretations of Hebrews: Some Neglected Factors
Perhaps one of the most significant developments within contemporary Jewish Studies is the reclamation of the New Testament. The recovery of this particular part of Jewish history, however, hasExpand
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Is verbal aspect a prominence indicator?: an evaluation of Stanley Porter's proposal with special reference to the Gospel of Luke
The purpose of this article is to evaluate Stanley Porter�s theory of aspectual prominence. According to Porter the three verbal aspects of the Greek language (perfective, imperfective and stative)Expand
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18. Judaism
This volume provides access to 19 essays on Jewish apocalyptic literature written by John Collins over the past 17 years. Most of the essays have been published previously in various books andExpand