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BACKGROUND In light of growing service demands, the use of computerized screening processes have been proposed to optimize patient triage and enhance the efficiency and synergy of multidisciplinary care practices. This study evaluated the accuracy of a novel system, ScreenIT, to detect swallowing, nutrition and distress status in HNC patients receiving(More)
Head and neck lymphoedema (HNL) is a persistent symptom for many patients following head and neck cancer treatment. There is limited research into the benefits of lymphoedema treatment with this population. This pilot study (n=8) employs the Assessment of Lymphoedema of Head and Neck (ALOHA) system to evaluate treatment changes in this clinical population.(More)
The UK Department of Health established the Healthcare-associated Infection (HAI) Surveillance Steering Group in 2000 to develop a strategy for implementing a national programme for HAI surveillance in National Health Service trusts. A subgroup of this committee examined the surveillance of surgical site infections following orthopaedic surgery. This group(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe an outbreak of hepatitis C in a clinical research study. DESIGN Observational study. SETTING Tertiary-care hospital. PATIENTS Healthcare workers who volunteered to be subjects in a study of the metabolic effects of inhaled and oral corticosteroids who were unwittingly exposed to hepatitis C virus (HCV). METHODS Epidemiological(More)
One hundred and eighty-one patients who underwent renal transplantation between 1973 and 1979 have been reviewed. Thirty of these developed one or more orthopaedic complications. The commonest and most serious was avascular necrosis of bone and the treatment of 14 patients with this condition is described. Transplant recipients who developed this(More)
BACKGROUND There is no clinical assessment available to measure head and neck lymphedema. This study proposes the use of a tape measurement system and the MoistureMeterD (MMD) to evaluate head and neck lymphedema. METHODS The reliability and validity of these assessments was examined in 20 patients with head and neck lymphedema and 20 matched healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is common with an estimated prevalence of 10-15% among young active individuals. The natural history of the disorder is progression to early osteoarthritis. Hip arthroscopy is recommended if conservative treatments fail; however, outcomes are unclear, particularly in highly active populations. AIM To evaluate(More)
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