Jodie Gray

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This report describes a new method of custom making cranial titanium plates for the repair of skull defects. We have combined 3D CT imaging and surface modelling with rapid prototyping (RP) technology to produce physical models of our patients' skulls from which custom titanium plates were made. We have expanded the use of image processing tools applied to(More)
Snakes have been widely used for object tracking, shape detection , and segmentation of an area of interest within image data. A snakes algorithm uses an energy minimization approach to deform an initial boundary or curve so that it traces along the contour of a shape in an image. However, a major disadvantage of the algorithm is that it requires users to(More)
A mathematical model based on transport and reaction equations describing initiation of pitting corrosion at a M nS sulfide inclusion in 0.1M N aCl electrolyte was used as a test problem for development of efficient numerical procedures for corrosion simulation and sensitivity analysis. The equations associated with the corrosion model were formulated using(More)
An AT-compatible computer was used to expand X-ray images that had been compressed and stored on optical data cards. Initially, execution time for expansion of a single X-ray image was 25 min. The requirements were for an expansion time of under 10 s and costs of under $1000 for computing hardware. This meant a computational speed increase of over 150 times(More)
Models of pitting corrosion typically include transport by diffusion, migration, and convection, heterogeneous surface reactions, and homogeneous solution equilibria among many other events. Simulations that include these phenomena typically result in a set of coupled nonlinear differential-algebraic equation systems. One of the principal difficulties in(More)
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