Jodie C Babister

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Articular cartilage defects arising from trauma or degenerative diseases fail to repair spontaneously. We have adopted a non-viral gene delivery and tissue engineering strategy, in which Sox-9 transfected human mesenchymal progenitors have been encapsulated within alginate/chitosan polysaccharide capsules to promote chondrogenesis. Human bone marrow stromal(More)
Advances in our knowledge of the biology of skeletal stem cells, together with an increased understanding of the regeneration of normal tissue offer exciting new therapeutic approaches in musculoskeletal repair. Skeletal stem cells from various adult tissues such as bone marrow can be identified and isolated based on their expression of a panel of markers(More)
Development of adipose tissue-engineering strategies, where human bone marrow stromal cells (HBMSC) are combined with three-dimensional scaffolds, is likely to prove valuable for soft tissue restoration. In this study, we assessed the function of poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) (P(DL)LGA) hollow fibres in facilitating the development of HBMSC-derived(More)
Aqueous colloidal suspensions of positively charged, amino acid-functionalized hydroxyapatite (HAp) nanoparticles (HAp/alanine and HAp/arginine) were added to a HBMSC suspension to effect non-specific cell surface deposition due to favourable attractive electrostatic interactions. Subsequent maintenance of these hybrid precursors under in vitro basal(More)
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