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Although rust (caused by Puccinia purpurea) is a common disease in Australian grain sorghum crops, particularly late in the growing season (April onwards), its potential to reduce yield has not been quantified. Field trials were conducted in Queensland between 2003 and 2005 to evaluate the effect of sorghum rust on grain yield of two susceptible sorghum(More)
We propose a unified optimization criterion for energy converters. It represents the best compromise between energy benefits and losses for a specific job and neither an explicit evaluation of entropies nor the consideration of environmental parameters are required. For all considered systems the criterion predicts a performance regime laying between those(More)
A series of transient pressure signals (TPSs) can be measured using a miniature pressure transducer mounted near the tip of the inflow side of a mechanical heart valve (MHV) occluder during closure. A relationship appears to exist between the intensity and pattern of the TPS and the cavitation potential of a MHV. To study the relationship between MHV(More)
A simple model is proposed to simulate contact angle hysteresis in drops on a planar surface. The model is based on assuming a friction force acting on the triple contact line in such a way that the contact line keeps fixed for contact angles comprised between the advancing angle and the receding one and is allowed to move in order to avoid angles outside(More)
First-principles calculations based on density functional theory and the pseudopotential method have been used to investigate the influence of gradient corrections to the standard LDA technique on the equilibrium structure and energetics of rutile TiO 2 and SnO 2 perfect crystals and their (110) surfaces. We find that gradient corrections increase the(More)
Two density functional theories, the fundamental measures theory of Rosenfeld [Phys. Rev. Lett. 63, 980 (1989)] and a subsequent approximation by Tarazona [Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 694 (2000)] are applied to the study of the hard-sphere fluid in two situations: the cylindrical pore and the spherical cavity. The results are compared with those obtained with(More)
The structural properties of the silicate garnets andradite, Ca(3)Fe(2)Si(3)O(12), uvarovite, Ca(3)Cr(2)Si(3)O(12), knorringite, Mg(3)Cr(2)Si(3)O(12), goldmanite, Ca(3)V(2)Si(3)O(12), blythite, Mn(2+)(3)Mn(3+)(2)Si(3)O(12), skiagite, Fe(2+)(3)Fe(3+)(2)Si(3)O(12), calderite, Mn(2+)(3)Fe(3+)(2)Si(3)O(12), and khoharite, Mg(3)Fe(3+)(2)Si(3)O(12), have been(More)
This study aimed to determine if pathotypic diversity of the sorghum rust pathogen, P. purpurea, exists in eastern Australia. A differential set of 10 Sorghum bicolor genotypes was used to identify four putative pathotypes from the 28 P. purpurea isolates that were tested. Pathotypes 1 and 3 were the most common, together comprising 85.7 % of the isolates(More)
Although rust can reduce grain yields of late-planted sorghum crops in Queensland, little research has been conducted on environmental parameters affecting infection and development. The effects of temperature, leaf wetness period, plant growth stage, urediniospore concentration and darkness period on the development of rust (Puccinia purpurea) on the(More)