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Doppler ultrasound has been used in humans to determine angioarchitecture of lymph nodes as the criterion for the determination of malignancy. We hypothesized that the vascular and perfusion patterns of a canine malignant lymph node could be characterized with intravenous microbubble ultrasound contrast media and that contrast harmonic ultrasound could(More)
Contrast harmonic ultrasound was used to determine macrovascular and perfusion patterns in three dogs with congenital extrahepatic solitary portosystemic shunts (PSS). With coded harmonic angiographic ultrasound, the size and tortuosity of the hepatic arteries were subjectively increased. Single pulse intermittent low-amplitude harmonic perfusion imaging(More)
The VetMousetrap, a novel device that allows computed tomography (CT) of awake cats and provides a clinically supportive environment, is described. Ten normal cats were used to test the device for ambient internal oxygen, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature. Twenty-two awake normal cats were imaged using a 16-multislice helical CT unit to evaluate(More)
Seventeen dogs with clinical signs attributable to nonneoplastic obstruction of the larynx, trachea, or large bronchi underwent computed tomography (CT) imaging. In 16 of the 17 dogs, CT was performed without general anesthesia using a positioning device. Fifteen of these 16 dogs were imaged without sedation or general anesthesia. Three-dimensional (3D)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the ultrasonographic appearance and detectability of edema induced by SC injection of mild silver protein suspension in the mammary gland attachments of dairy cows. DESIGN Prospective study. ANIMALS 6 lactating cows. PROCEDURE In each cow, the number of quarters that received injections was randomly assigned. A mild silver(More)
Limited veterinary information is available for invertebrates. The purpose of this study was to improve baseline knowledge of invertebrate radiology and radiographic anatomy by evaluating diagnostic imaging modalities in six terrestrial invertebrate species. For each species, variably sized individuals were radiographed using multiple techniques to obtain(More)
Iron overload was induced by iron dextran i.v. in clinically healthy adult pigeons, Columbia livia, (n = 8). Hemosiderosis was induced in all treated birds. Two control pigeons received no iron injections. Pigeons did not show clinical signs of iron overload during the 6-wk study. Ultrasound examination of the liver in the pigeons receiving iron dextran was(More)
The computed tomographic (CT) findings of histopathologically confirmed nasopharyngeal polyps are described in 13 cats. Most polyps were mildly hypoattenuating to adjacent muscles and isoattenuating to soft-tissue (n= 13), homogeneous (n = 12) and with ill-defined borders (n = 10) on precontrast images. After contrast medium administration, the polyps were(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the diagnostic quality of computed tomography (CT) images of normal ocular and orbital structures acquired with and without the use of general anesthesia in the cat. ANIMAL STUDIED Eleven privately owned cats with nasal disease presenting to a single referral hospital. PROCEDURES All cats received a complete ophthalmic examination.(More)
Diagnosing portosystemic shunts (PSS) can be challenging in veterinary patients. Multiple imaging techniques have been described to diagnose PSS. The aim of the study was to investigate whether a novel multi-slice computed tomography (CT) angiographic protocol could be used for diagnosis of PSS in dogs utilizing only patient sedation and without the need of(More)