Jodi R. Smith

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Although much effort has gone into promoting early skin-to-skin contact and parental involvement at vaginal birth, caesarean birth remains entrenched in surgical and resuscitative rituals, which delay parental contact, impair maternal satisfaction and reduce breastfeeding. We describe a 'natural' approach that mimics the situation at vaginal birth by(More)
One challenging problem that children overcome in learning new words is recognizing the hierarchical category of a label. For instance, one object could be called a Dalmatian, a dog, or an animal. Xu and Tenenbaum (2007) proposed a Bayesian model to explain how 3.5 to 5-year-olds solve this ambiguity. They emphasized children's appreciation for " suspicious(More)
It is unclear how children learn labels for multiple overlapping categories such as "Labrador," "dog," and "animal." Xu and Tenenbaum (2007a) suggested that learners infer correct meanings with the help of Bayesian inference. They instantiated these claims in a Bayesian model, which they tested with preschoolers and adults. Here, we report data testing a(More)
How do multiple labeling events influence children's understanding of objects that can be named at multiple levels of specificity (" Rover " or " dog ")? To investigate, we replicated Xu & Tenenbaum (2007, Psychological Review, 114, 245-272), who found that children generalized more narrowly when three identical toys (e.g., plush Dalmatians) were labeled(More)
Men's perceptions of women's sexual interest were studied in a sample of 250 male undergraduates, who rated 173 full-body photos of women differing in expressed cues of sexual interest, attractiveness, provocativeness of dress, and the social-environmental context into which the woman's photo had been embedded. Environmental context significantly influenced(More)
The following individuals contributed to this compilation. Others not mentioned here include all those public health professionals who developed reports and compiled data for the source documents and referenced materials that were used to compile this assessment. DEMOGRAPHIC SUMMARY  Kentucky's population of 4,339,367 ranks 26 th among the states.  The(More)
These faculty members not only served their academic duties on my committee, they also helped me keep my sense of humor as well as my wits about me as I moved through my program of work and dissertation. I simply could not have picked a better committee and thank each of them for their contributions. Beyond my academic advisors, I must also thank all those(More)
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