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BACKGROUND Allogenic blood transfusion may affect clinical outcomes negatively. Up to 20% of blood transfusions in the United States are associated with cardiac surgery and so strategies to conserve usage are of importance. This study compares administration according to physician's choice based on laboratory coagulation tests with application of a strict(More)
  • Jodi Olsen
  • The American journal of emergency medicine
  • 1994
A 32-year-old man presented to the emergency department (ED) with seizures 6 hours after a lumbar myelogram with iopamidol (Isovue-M 200, Squibb, Princeton, NJ). Seizures are a rare complication after myelography with the current nonionic contrast agents and have not been previously reported in the emergency medicine literature. Emergency physicians should(More)
A breastfeeding questionnaire was developed to help determine how we could better support our WIC mothers' efforts to breastfeed. The questionnaire was pilot tested in 12 local WIC agencies, wherein 878 participants returned the instrument for tabulation. Forty-six percent of the women who returned questionnaires initiated breastfeeding. The main support(More)
Thirty-six patients undergoing elective thoracotomy with pulmonary resection with the use of combined epidural and general anesthesia were randomized into a double-blind study to receive a single intravenous preoperative dose of methylprednisolone 25 mg/kg body weight or a placebo (saline solution). Postoperative pain relief consisted of epidural morphine 4(More)
The association between unemployment and cause of death (‘natural’ or ‘violent’) was investigated in a retrospective study of members of the bricklayers' and carpenters/cabinet-makers' trade unions in Denmark during the period 1. 1. 1971 to 31. 12. 1975. The bricklayers suffered more unemployment than the carpenters/cabinet-makers but for both unions as a(More)
A report of two years' operation of a day-treatment center for autistic children is given. A brief historical review and a capsule summary regarding current concepts on autism are presented. The educational and treatment programs at the center are described, and two case vignettes illustrate the progress of the children. Highlights from group counseling(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether family members of recently deceased emergency department patients would consent to the performance of a cricothyrotomy on the deceased for educational purposes. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Suburban tertiary care teaching hospital. PARTICIPANTS Family members of 51 patients older than 18 years who were(More)
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