Jodi McFarlane

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Based on the concepts of empowerment of indigenous women through unity, validation of women as key health promoters, and the acceptance of a community's ability to identify and redress its own health needs, the de Madres a Madres Program was started in a Houston inner-city Hispanic community. The program has become a strategy for mobilizing a total(More)
How one group of Hispanic women in Houston, Texas, built community coalitions for primary health care is chronicled from the perspectives of the women. We describe how they formed partnerships with community businesses, health and social service agencies, schools, and churches to develop an outreach network that enables pregnant women to obtain early(More)
Current strategies for initiating and operating community health programs rely on one of two approaches. One is a predetermined, operational process. The other comes from the grassroots, beginning with involvement of the recipients of the program. This editorial chronicles how one grassroots program, begun by volunteer mothers and one community health(More)