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Diversity of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Oxic and Anoxic Regions of a Microbial Mat Characterized by Comparative Analysis of Dissimilatory Sulfite Reductase Genes
The most highly diverse DSR sequences, most related to those of the Desulfonema-like organisms within the δ-proteobacteria, were recovered from oxic regions of the mat, extending those of previous studies by us and others associating Desulf onema- like organisms with oxic habitats. Expand
Molecular and modeling analyses of the structure and function of nitrifying activated sludge
The ratio of active nitrifiers to total VSS depended on the TKN/BOD L removal ratio and the sludge age and suggests that specific rRNA contents of about 11,000 ng rRNA/mg VSS active for heterotrophic bacteria and 14,000 rRNAs active for ammonium oxidizers can be used to estimate active VSS from probing results targeted to rRNA. Expand