Jodi L. Short

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For insightful comments on drafts of this article, we thank Lee Fleming, Neil Fligstein, Brian Galle, Rob Huckman, Guy Holburn, Bob Kagan, Andrew King, David I. Levine, John W. Maxwell, Howard Shelanski, Bill Simpson, Jason Snyder, Matthew Stephenson, and Kathy Zeiler, as well as participants in the 2007 Harvard-Boalt-UCLA Junior Faculty Environmental Law(More)
Regulatory agencies are increasingly establishing voluntary self-reporting programs both as an investigative tool and to encourage regulated firms to commit to policing themselves. We investigate whether voluntary self-reporting can reliably indicate effective self-policing efforts that might provide opportunities for enforcement efficiencies. We find that(More)
A simple, efficient procedure for removing lactic acid and for reducing nonprotein nitrogen and ash in lactic acid whey has been developed. The procedure consists of culturing Candida ingens on the whey. This organism could assimilate >98% of the lactic acid and approximately 40% of the nonprotein nitrogen. Ash reduction of up to 45% resulted from(More)
Transnational business regulation is increasingly implemented through private voluntary programs – such as certification regimes and codes of conduct – that diffuse global standards. However, little is known about the conditions under which companies adhere to these standards. We conduct one of the first large-scale comparative studies to determine which(More)
1. Development of CE programs for occupational health nurses is integral to professional development. Occupational health nurses are constantly being required to increase and upgrade skills. 2. Evolving issues in health care reform reflect an emphasis on the cost effective, quality care provided by well prepared occupational health nurses. Thus, the need(More)
The New Deal transformation in Commerce Clause and Due Process jurisprudence marked, among other things, a shift in judicial attention from groups defined by economic relationships to groups defined by social status. Hence, one might plausibly see judicial activism in defense of freedom of contract during the Lochner-era subsequently giving way, in part, to(More)