Jodi F. Hedges

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The Açaí (Acai) fruit is a popular nutritional supplement that purportedly enhances immune system function. These anecdotal claims are supported by limited studies describing immune responses to the Acai polyphenol fraction. Previously, we characterized γδ T cell responses to both polyphenol and polysaccharide fractions from several plant-derived(More)
Equine arteritis virus (EAV) causes a persistent infection of the reproductive tract of carrier stallions. The authors determined the complete genome sequences of viruses (CW96 and CW01) that were present 5 years apart in the semen of a carrier stallion (CW). The CW96 and CW01 viruses respectively had only 85.6 % and 85.7 % nucleotide identity to the(More)
γδ T cells function in innate and adaptive immunity and are primed for secondary responses by procyanidin components of unripe apple peel (APP). In this study, we investigate the effects of APP and purified procyanidins on γδ T-cell gene expression. A microarray analysis was performed on bovine γδ T cells treated with APP; increases in transcripts encoding(More)
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