Jock A. Rader

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In the second half of 1992 a team of the SEI CASE Environments Project conducted a study into the state of the practice with respect to the operational use of integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools. After many false starts, we interviewed a number of examples of large organizations with integrated CASE tools in operational use on(More)
1. Policy and/or tradition is not adequate rationale for siderail use in light of current information indicating that siderails can be a hazard. 2. If a client is going to climb out over the siderail, the siderail increases risk for client injury. In such cases siderail use cannot be justified. 3. The nurses's goal is not to eliminate siderail use, but to(More)
In the care of persons with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, bathing frequently poses a formidable challenge for caregivers. This article reports the results of a consensus conference on techniques to reduce disruptive behaviors during bathing, and to make the process less stressful for persons with dementia.
Three psychosocial factors that may influence wandering behavior have been previously identified: lifelong patterns of coping with stress, previous work roles, and a need to search for persons or places associated with security. Strategies for managing wandering behavior include environmental modifications, planned activities, physical exercise, and(More)
This paper will describe the use of a syntax driver in writing a logic equation compiler (LOGCOM). By such a compiler or processor we mean a program which takes logic equations punched on cards and converts them into a tabular form which subsequently is used by other design automation programs. In the body of the paper it is assumed that the reader(More)