Jocimar Prates Muller

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A case of progressive supranuclear palsy characterized by a loss of self-activation and a compulsive behaviour of the obsessive type is reported. The pathological examination was remarkable for the intensity of pallidal lesions and their diffusion to both the external and internal segments. While the loss of self-activation seemed to result from a damaged(More)
New high-resolution satellite images such as those from IKONOS provide potentially useful information for the identification of individual surface objects such as trees and buildings compared with previous satellite image sources (e.g. SPOT, Landsat). However, the detailed structure of buildings and trees is still ambiguous for the application of existing(More)
The Dlx homeobox genes of vertebrates are transcribed in multiple cells of the embryo with overlapping patterns but often with different onsets of expression. Here we describe the interaction between two dlx genes, dlx3 and dlx4, during zebrafish development. The observation that dlx3 expression precedes that of dlx4 in the otic vesicle led us to(More)
A woman presented with a history of three regressive comas of undetectable etiology between the age of 52 and 57 years. An IgG lambda benign monoclonal dysglobulinemia was combined with a papular mucinosis (myxedematous lichen or the generalized form of Arndt-Gotton's scleromyxedema). In the 6 analogous cases documented in the literature the onset of coma(More)
In 1900 Klippel and Trenaunay defined a new entity characterized by cutaneous angioma associated with varices and hypertrophy of bone and soft tissues. The syndrome is present in the earliest years and becomes accentuated as the child grows. It typically affects one half of the body. We report two cases of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. The first patient(More)
  • Assessment R Li, D Li, L Lin, X Meng, K Di, G Paar +5 others
  • 2012
Introduction: The goal of this research is pre-launch quantitative analysis of the mapping and locali-zation accuracy of the Panoramic Camera (PanCam) vision system designed to be carried onboard the Eu-ropean Space Agency (ESA) ExoMars rover mission for launch in 2018. This ExoMars rover is designed to travel kilometers across the Martian surface [1], thus(More)
A 21 year-old man presented with a history of sudden onset of aphasia and headache. CT showed a left parietal hypodensity and pallidal calcifications. The ECG showed a Wolff-Parkinson-White's syndrome. The patient then developed successively focal epileptic seizures, temper disorders, a cardiomyopathy, a pepper and salt retinopathy with hemeralopia, a left(More)