Jochen Weiss

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—By giving vehicles the ability to propagate warning messages to the other ones, the number and the severity of accidents on our streets could likely be reduced. Safety-related applications based on vehicular ad-hoc neworks (VANET) are usually dependent on transmitting a message from source to sink within a given time limit. IEEE proposes the standard(More)
The focus of this study was the taxonomic identification of a collection of 40 Staphylococcus carnosus strains to the species, subspecies and strain level. These strains were screened for physiological activities suitable for their use as starter cultures, in particular as starter cultures for the processing of raw ham. Consequently, the strains were tested(More)
Polyphenol-rich grape seed extract (0.1 w/w%) was incorporated in liposomes (1 w/w% soy lecithin) by high pressure homogenization (22,500 psi) and coated with chitosan (0.1 w/w%). Primary liposomes and chitosan-coated secondary liposomes containing grape seed extract showed good physical stability during 98 days of storage. Most of the polyphenols were(More)
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