Jochen Staudacher

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Ziel. Umsetzung qualitätsverbessernder Maßnahmen in der röntgendiagnostischen Abteilung einer universitären Einrichtung zur Verbesserung der internen Handlungsabläufe sowie der Kontakte im Bereich von Schnittstellen (Patient, Zuweiser, MTRA, Radiologe). Methodik. Nach der Durchführung von Vorgesprächen und Vorstudien erfolgten durch einen Berater(More)
PURPOSE To increase the quality of internal and external interactions (patients, clinical colleagues, technicians, radiologists) in a department of radiology. METHOD Accompanied by a well-experienced adviser workshops have been performed dealing with different topics like "contact to patients," "performance of the radiological report and interaction with(More)
This thesis is about the creation of a decider, which is able to evaluate decision trees and utility tables. The decider enables the robot to decide by its own, which action should be performed in the actual situation. Afterwards the decider is used for the calibration process of time of flight cameras with non-overlapping field of views on a mobile(More)
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