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Conditions are derived, under which the nondeterministic discrete-event behaviour of a quantised continuous-variable system becomes deterministic. Abstract The paper concerns linear continuous-variable systems whose state can be measured only through a quantiser. As for an observer the system together with the quantiser behaves like a discrete-event system,(More)
Strong socioeconomic inequalities exist in cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. The current review aims to synthesize the current evidence on the association between socioeconomic status (SES) and access to treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD). We examined quantitative studies analyzing the relationship between SES and access to CHD treatment that(More)
The paper describes a method for detecting and identifying faults that occur in the sensors or in the actuators of dynamical systems with discrete-valued inputs and outputs. The model used in the diagnosis is a stochastic automaton. The generalized observer scheme (GOS), which has been proposed for systems with continuous-variable inputs and outputs some(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the operation of a passively mode-locked Raman fiber ring laser with an ultrahigh repetition rate of 100 GHz and up to 430 mW of average output power. This laser constitutes a simple wavelength versatile pulsed optical source. Stable mode locking is based on dissipative four-wave mixing with a single fiber Bragg grating acting(More)
When a balloon-angioplasty is performed, the arterial wall is overstretched and thereby damaged, which leads to a stiffness reduction in the arterial layers. An anisotropic damage model able to reflect the main damage mechanisms in overstretched arterial walls is used in combination with a polyconvex hyperelastic stored energy function. Furthermore, a(More)
We investigate the intensity noise of a continuous-wave Raman fiber laser based on a novel technique where the noise is sampled with a low repetition rate signal in a low walk-off Raman amplifier configuration. With this method, we experimentally demonstrate that continuous-wave Raman fiber lasers exhibit high contrast intensity fluctuations on a timescale(More)
We show the first simultaneous OSNR monitoring of two 40 Gb/s OOK and DPSK channels, using only a wavelength selective switch and two slow photodetectors. Our approach is modulation format and bit-rate independent and can easily be included in existing reconfigurable networks.