Jochen Schneider

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Probabilistic Boolean network (PBN) modelling is a semi-quantitative approach widely used for the study of the topology and dynamic aspects of biological systems. The combined use of rule-based representation and probability makes PBN appealing for large-scale modelling of biological networks where degrees of uncertainty need to be considered. A(More)
When blind people wish to walk through an area not fully known to them, they have to prepare themselves even more thoroughly than sighted pedestrians. We propose a new approach to support this preparation with the help of an interactive computer method, called constructive exploration. Using this method, the user is guided in physically constructing the(More)
Twenty-three nondiabetic volunteers were divided into three groups. In group A (n = 9), the glucose infusion was adjusted to maintain blood glucose at 5 mmol/l (euglycemic clamp). In group B (n = 9), the glucose infusion was adjusted to maintain blood glucose at 10 mmol/l (hyperglycemic clamp) over 2 h. Group C consisted of five volunteers who were studied(More)
Sutures can cause challenging surgical site infections, due to capillary effects resulting in bacteria permeating wounds. Anti-microbial sutures may avoid these complications by inhibiting bacterial pathogens. Recently, first triclosan-resistances were reported and therefore alternative substances are becoming clinically relevant. As triclosan alternative(More)
Bacterial colonization of biliary stents is one of the driving forces behind sludge formation which may result in stent occlusion. Major focus of the study was to analyze the spectrum and number of microorganisms in relation to the indwelling time of stents and the risk factors for sludge formation. 343 stents were sonicated to optimize the bacterial(More)
BACKGROUND Acute cholangitis is a life-threatening bacterial infection of the biliary tract. Main focus of this study was to create a useful risk prediction model that helps physicians to assign patients with acute cholangitis into different management groups. METHODS 981 cholangitis episodes from 810 patients were analysed retrospectively at a German(More)