Jochen Moser

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The generation, propagation and pharmacological properties of low-Mg2+ -induced epileptiform activity were examined in the intact corticohippocampal formation (CHF) of the newborn (P0-4) mouse in vitro. Multi-site field potential recordings in dentate gyrus (DG), CA3, CA1, entorhinal cortex (EC) and temporal cortex (TC) revealed in 0.2 mM Mg2+ -containing(More)
To investigate whether epileptiform activity in the immature brain is modulated by dopamine, we examined the effects of dopaminergic agonists and antagonists in an intact in vitro preparation of the isolated corticohippocampal formation of immature (postnatal days 3 and 4) C57/Bl6 mice using field potential recordings from CA3. Epileptiform discharges were(More)
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