Jochen Mersmann

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We present The Virtual Brain (TVB), a neuroinformatics platform for full brain network simulations using biologically realistic connectivity. This simulation environment enables the model-based inference of neurophysiological mechanisms across different brain scales that underlie the generation of macroscopic neuroimaging signals including functional MRI(More)
TheVirtualBrain (TVB) is a neuroinformatics Python package representing the convergence of clinical, systems, and theoretical neuroscience in the analysis, visualization and modeling of neural and neuroimaging dynamics. TVB is composed of a flexible simulator for neural dynamics measured across scales from local populations to large-scale dynamics measured(More)
We report results from a dual electroencephalography (EEG) study, in which two-member teams performed a simulated combat scenario. Our aim was to distinguish expert from novice teams by their brain dynamics. Our findings suggest that dimensionality increases in the joint brain dynamics of the team members is a signature of increased task demand, both(More)
The Virtual Brain (TVB; is a neuroinformatics platform for full brain network simulation based on individual anatomical connectivity data. The framework addresses clinical and neuroscientific questions by simulating multi-scale neural dynamics that range from local population activity to large-scale brain function and related(More)
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