Jochen Kraushaar

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BACKGROUND The recent discovery of a new myokine (irisin) potentially involved in health-related training effects has gained great attention, but evidence for a training-induced increase in irisin remains preliminary. Therefore, the present study aimed to determine whether irisin concentration is increased after regular exercise training in humans. (More)
In the era of personalized medicine, interindividual differences in the magnitude of response to an exercise training program (subject-by-training interaction; "individual response") have received increasing scientific interest. However, standard approaches for quantification and prediction remain to be established, probably due to the specific(More)
Neutron-induced gamma-ray-emitting radionuclides in components and surroundings of the University of Colorado 1.3-m sector-focusing cyclotron have been measured with Ge(Li) and HPGe detectors. These measurements were made before decommissioning of the cyclotron and before approving release of the accelerator components and building space for other uses. In(More)
In 83% of cases the tumour could be correctly staged by intravesical sonography. Computed tomography gave a correct staging in 80%. By a combination of both methods the depths of tumour infiltration could be established exactly in 90%. Both methods are supplementary since the lower stages are better assessable by intravesical ultrasonic tomography whereas(More)
The application of the Argon laser in urology has proved to be effective in resecting recurrent, exophytic urothelial tumors of the bladder up to the size of a raspberry. In cases of wide spread bladder tumors we only perform a radiation of the resected area as local recurrence prophylaxis following transurethral resection. The urethroscopic Argon laser(More)