Jochen Kittel

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Copper can induce acute and chronic intoxications in humans. Copper in tap water has caused a series of severe systemic diseases in Germany in recent years (chronic copper poisoning, CCuP). From the clinical point of view it has been difficult to establish the diagnosis on the basis of clinical and laboratory methods. In a retrospective study, we therefore(More)
Copper can induce acute and chronic intoxications in humans. Copper in tap water has caused a series of severe systemic diseases in Germany in recent years (copper induced liver cirrhosis). Besides cirrhosis, another type of disease with predominantly gastrointestinal symptoms has occurred which likewise appeared to be induced by copper in tap water. - In a(More)
BACKGROUND NOD2 loss-of-function mutations, that is, R702W [rs2066844], G908R [rs2066845], and Leu1007fsinsC [rs5743293], have been linked to inflammatory bowel diseases. It is yet unknown whether these variants are also associated with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) or focal intestinal perforation (FIP) in infants of very low birth weight (VLBW). (More)
Four of our own cases that presented a clinical picture of dementia are discussed. A study of the relative literature has failed to reveal any "swing" in the pattern of the clinical condition: Just as it did ninety years age, paralytic dementia accounts today for well over 60% of all cases, those clinical pictures erroneously regarded as "typical"(More)
A case is reported of the rare coincidence of mongolism and os odontoideum in an eleven-year-old child, leading to compression myelopathy in consequence of atlantoaxial dislocation, and an overview of literature to the present time is given. Recommendations on diagnostic and prophylactic measures are offered designed to counteract as early as possible the(More)
The paper opens with an account of what may be entailed in traumatic damage to cerebral vessels and cervical vessels, and its pathomechanism. There follows an account of two cases involving traumatic cerebral infarction and the resulting problems for the expert witness. Ascertainment of the relationship between external trauma and cerebral infarction(More)
The paper presents a method of carrying out cervical myelography by lateral C1/C2-puncture (LCP) using a conventional fluoroscopic device with an image-intensifying TV-chain. The patient is deposited on a specially designed transverse table. The amount of time and picture-quality are equale to those for costly special apparatus.
Indications, mode of referral, therapeutic methods, and documentation of the functional occupational therapy practised in the field of neurology are presented and experiences hitherto existing discussed. For many of neurological diseases, the occupational therapy may be regarded as an equivalent method to the medication and to the physiotherapeutic(More)
The aim of the NeoVitaA Trial is to assess the role of postnatal additional high-dose oral vitamin A supplementation for 28 days in reducing Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) or death in extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants at 36 weeks postmenstrual age (PMA). All infants (both intervention and control group) will be provided with basic vitamin A (1000(More)