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One-way delay (OWD) is an important mea-surand for network management. It can indicate routing problems, network congestion, and is useful for tracking down application problems to network effects. While active measurements deliver high accuracy, measuring OWD actively on all paths of large networks results in high effort. Thus, passive measurements are(More)
More than 20 years after the launch of the public Internet, operator forums are still full of reports about temporary unreachability of complete networks. We propose FACT, a system that helps network operators to track connectivity problems with remote autonomous systems , networks, and hosts. In contrast to existing solutions, our approach relies solely on(More)
Users with several devices need a convenient mechanism to transfer running service sessions from one device to another device. This paper proposes a framework that allows session mobility without modifications on the communication partner's system from application layer down to network layer. That means we can transfer ongoing sessions with minor(More)
The chlorophyll synthase gene from oat (Avena sativa) was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. The deduced amino acid sequence consists of 378 amino acids including a presequence of 46 amino acids. Deletion mutants show that a core protein comprising amino acid residues 88 to 377 is enzymatically active. The sequence of the mature protein shows 85%(More)
— Optical Burst Switching (OBS) has been proposed in the late 1990s as a novel photonic network architecture directed towards efficient transport of IP traffic. OBS aims at cost-efficient and dynamic provisioning of sub-wavelength granularity by optimally combining electronics and optics. In order to reduce the number of switching decisions in OBS core(More)
Flow Accounting is a passive monitoring concept implemented in routers that gives insight into trac behavior and network characteristics. However, processing of Flow Accounting data is a challenging task, especially in large networks where the rate of ow records received at the collector can be very high. We developed a tool for processing of Flow(More)