Jochen I. Menges

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Article history: Received 6 January 2012 Revised 21 January 2013 Accepted 1 February 2013 Available online 27 February 2013 Whatmakes people perceive a leader as charismatic, andhowdo team leaders obtain performance outcomes from their followers? We examine leaders in times of organizational change and investigate the mechanisms through which leaders'(More)
A newly developed paradigm for studying spontaneous trait inferences (STI) was applied in 3 experiments. The authors primed dyadic stimulus behaviors involving a subject (S) and an object (O) person through degraded pictures or movies. An encoding task called for the verification of either a graphical feature or a semantic interpretation, which either fit(More)
Editor: Janaki Gooty This study examines how followers regulate their outward expression of emotions in the context of two types of leadership that are commonly associated with transformational leadership, namely charismatic leadership and individually considerate leadership. Based on new theorizing and a series of three studies involving experiments and(More)
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