Jochen Hirth

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For humanoid robots which are able to assist humans in their daily life, the capability for adequate interaction with human operators is a key feature. If one considers that more than 60% of human communication is conducted non-verbally (by using facial expressions and gestures), an important research topic is how interfaces for this non-verbal(More)
Humanoid robots as assistance or educational robots is an important research topic in the field of robotics. Especially the communication of those robots with a human operator is a complex task since more than 60% of human communication is conducted non-verbally by using facial expressions and gestures. Although several humanoid robots have been designed it(More)
To predict root growth in heterogeneous soil, we need to understand when roots will grow into, along and out from continuous biopores. In this study we determined the effect of biopore angle and wall roughness on root penetration into surrounding soil of different bulk densities. Straight ‘artificial biopores’, 3-mm diameter and 34-mm long, were formed(More)
Natural human-robot interaction is an important research topic in the field of humanoid robotics. Because more than 60% of human interaction is conducted non-verbally motion generation for a humanoid robot is of enormous importance for human-robot interaction. The content of this paper is a biological inspired system for describing and generating(More)
Skenario interaksi manusia-robot adalah sangat rumit dan memerlukan definisi yang tepat dari variabel lingkungan untuk pengujian yang ketat aspek-aspek berbeda perilaku robot. Kondisi lingkungan mempengaruhi perilaku manusia dan robot, sehingga manusia dan robot merespon berbeda pada kondisi akustik atau pencahayaan berbeda. Pada penelitian ini dilakukan(More)
Assistance and service systems are one of the main research topics in robotics today. A major problem for creating these systems is that they have to work and navigate in the real world. Because this world is too complex to model, these robots need to make intelligent decisions and create an intelligent behavior without knowing everything about the current(More)
The ability of humanoid robots to perform naturally with multi-modal dialogs in an unmodified environment is very limited. Although various solutions for sub-problems of interaction like tracking or speech recognition exist, it is obviously a great challenge to integrate all the requirements into one common platform. This paper presents experiments with the(More)
After earthworms of the species Aporrectodea caliginosa and A. rosea had burrowed in compacted cores of soil for 68 days the cores were sectioned horizontally. The upper surface of each sectioned layer of soil was photographed before it was dissected and the dimensions of all burrows within the layer measured. Volume densities calculated from the direct(More)