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Docetaxel is a chemotherapeutic agent effective in the treatment of various solid tumors. Patients given a standard dose of docetaxel exhibit wide interpatient variation in clearance (CL) and toxic effects. Docetaxel undergoes metabolism by cytochrome CYP3A4. Thus, interpatient variability in CYP3A4 activity may account in part for differences in toxicity(More)
For humanoid robots which are able to assist humans in their daily life, the capability for adequate interaction with human operators is a key feature. If one considers that more than 60% of human communication is conducted non-verbally (by using facial expressions and gestures), an important research topic is how interfaces for this non-verbal(More)
Humanoid robots as assistance or educational robots is an important research topic in the field of robotics. Especially the communication of those robots with a human operator is a complex task since more than 60% of human communication is conducted non-verbally by using facial expressions and gestures. Although several humanoid robots have been designed it(More)
—The development of human-robot interaction scenarios is a strongly situation-dependent as well as an extremely dynamic task. Humans interacting with the robot directly react on observed stimuli; changes in the environment are not avoidable. Therefore it is impossible to test and verify interaction scenarios in real environments in a repeatable manner. In(More)
— Natural human-robot interaction is an important research topic in the field of humanoid robotics. Because more than 60% of human interaction is conducted non-verbally motion generation for a humanoid robot is of enormous importance for human-robot interaction. The content of this paper is a biological inspired system for describing and generating(More)
dinamikanya. Abstract Human-robot interaction scenarios are extremely complicated and require precise definition of the environment variables for rigorously testing different aspects of robotic behavior. The environmental setup affects the behaviors of both the humans and the robots, as they respond differently under varying accoustic or lightning(More)
Assistance and service systems are one of the main research topics in robotics today. A major problem for creating these systems is that they have to work and navigate in the real world. Because this world is too complex to model, these robots need to make intelligent decisions and create an intelligent behavior without knowing everything about the current(More)
[1] Expeditions 304 and 305 of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program cored and logged a 1.4 km section of the domal core of Atlantis Massif. Postdrilling research results summarized here constrain the structure and lithology of the Central Dome of this oceanic core complex. The dominantly gabbroic sequence recovered contrasts with predrilling predictions;(More)
For humanoid robots that should assist humans in their daily life the capability of an adequate interaction with human operators is a key feature. A key factor for human like interaction is the usage of non-verbal communication. Therefore robots must be able to have some kind of emotions. These emotions mainly depends on the achievement of the goals of the(More)