Jochen Heinsohn

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On the one hand, class ical terminological knowledge representation excludes the possi­ bility of handling uncertain concept descrip­ tions involving, e.g., "usually true" concept properties, generalized quantifiers, or excep­ tions. On the other hand, purely numer­ ical approaches for handling uncertainty in general are unable to consider terminologi­ cal(More)
The family of terminological representation systems has its roots in the representation system kl-one. Since the development of this system more than a dozen similar representation systems have been developed by various research groups. These systems vary along a number of dimensions. In this paper, we present the results of an empirical analysis of six(More)
This video provides an overview of the WIP project. WIP aimed at the development of a presentation system that is able to generate a variety of multimedia documents considering generation parameters, such as target group, presentation objective, resource limitations, and target language (see Fig. 1). The major components of the WIP system are: a(More)
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