Jochen Hahnen

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Hepatitis B surface proteins play a central role in the assembly of the virus and in the infection of the host cells. Whereas some functional aspects of the proteins have been studied in detail, little is known about their structure. Since X-ray analysis of these proteins appear unlikely in the near future, we chose to use a variety of computer-aided(More)
Envelope glycoprotein 71 from Friend murine leukemia virus was purified to homogeneity by reversed-phase HPLC. It could be shown that all 20 cysteine residues of the molecule are linked by disulfide bonds. After complete tryptic digestion, peptides containing cystine were identified by comparison of the reversed-phase HPLC profile of the digest with that of(More)
In sunflower plants carrying the PET1 cytoplasm male sterility (CMS) is associated with a new open reading frame (orfH522) in the 3'-flanking region of the atpA gene and an additional 16 kDa protein. Twenty-seven male-sterile cytoplasms of different origin were studied for the expression of the 16 kDa protein. In addition to the PET1 cytoplasm nine other(More)
This paper presents a study about the design and evaluation of auditory feedback for a mobile outdoor training assistant. The requirement analysis and evaluation has been conducted with sportsmen from different disciplines. This led to a new auditory and interaction design of the mobile client. In this paper we report the findings of the auditory component(More)
The pore-forming activity of tetanus toxin, its chains and fragments was studied on membrane patches from spinal cord neurons of fetal mice using the outside-out patch-clamp configuration. 1. The dichain tetanus toxin forms pores at pH 5, but not at pH 7.4. The elementary pore conductance is 38.4 +/- 1.1 pS and nonselective for small cations. The open(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations were carried out on an insulin crosslinked between the N-terminal A chain and the C-terminal B chain to form a so-called mini-proinsulin: N alpha-A1-N epsilon-B29-diaminosuberoyl insulin (DASI). To investigate the influence of crosslinking on the dynamics of the insulin moiety, the bridge was removed from a transient DASI(More)
Based on a data-base search, the sequences of 32 Bovidae retroposon elements have been compared. Two conserved areas are identified, and one of the corresponding sequences of the derived bovine consensus was used to design oligonucleotides as primer molecules for random DNA amplification of Bovidae DNA. Such a primer binding site should occur on average(More)
Na+/K(+)-ATPase from pig kidney is inactivated by protein-reactive N-hydroxysuccinimidyl derivatives of digoxigenin. Like digoxigenin, its protein-reactive derivatives N-hydroxysuccinimidyl digoxigenin-3-methylcarbonyl-epsilon-aminocaproate (HDMA), 3-amino-3-deoxydigoxigenin hemisuccinimide succinimidyl ester (ADHS), 3-iodoacetylamino-3-deoxydigoxigenin(More)
The loop diuretic bumetanide is an organic monocarboxylic organic anion assumed to be transported into hepatocytes by a transport system for bile acids. The structural requirements of 22 bumetanide analogues were analyzed for an interaction with bile acid uptake into isolated rat hepatocytes. Whereas bumetanide inhibited the hepatocellular uptake of(More)
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