Jochen Giese

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1 Abstract \Access is the killer app" 3] is the vision of the Daedalus project at U.C. Berkeley. Being able to be connected seamlessly anytime anywhere to the best network still remains an unfulllled goal. Often, even determining the \best" network is a challenging task because of the widespread deployment of overlapping wireless networks. In this report,(More)
  • Svetlana Bogdanova, R Gorbatschev, M Grad, T Janik, A Guterch, E Kozlovskaya +60 others
  • 2006
The Palaeoproterozoic crust and upper mantle in the region between the Ukrainian and Baltic shields of the East European Craton were built up finally during collision of the previously independent Fennoscandian and Sarmatian crustal segments at c. 1.8–1.7 Ga. EUROBRIDGE seismic profiling and geophysical modelling across the southwestern part of the Craton(More)
Reception and production aspects of musical ability were assessed in two studies of left cerebro-vascular accident (LCVA) and right cerebro-vascular accident (RCVA) patients and controls. Musical tasks included perception of rhythm and pitch variations in familiar and unfamiliar tunes; and production of a well-known song, three original melodies, and(More)
— The design of signal constellations for a communication system using multiple transmitter antennas over a Rayleigh fading channel is considered under the assumption that no channel state information (CSI) is available at the transmitter and the receiver has acquired a CSI estimate with known error covariance. This setup encompasses the well-studied(More)