Jochen G. Schneider

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Twenty-three nondiabetic volunteers were divided into three groups. In group A (n = 9), the glucose infusion was adjusted to maintain blood glucose at 5 mmol/l (euglycemic clamp). In group B (n = 9), the glucose infusion was adjusted to maintain blood glucose at 10 mmol/l (hyperglycemic clamp) over 2 h. Group C consisted of five volunteers who were studied(More)
Large-scale 'meta-omic' projects are greatly advancing our knowledge of the human microbiome and its specific role in governing health and disease states. A myriad of ongoing studies aim at identifying links between microbial community disequilibria (dysbiosis) and human diseases. However, due to the inherent complexity and heterogeneity of the human(More)
OBJECTIVE Adiponectin is a plasma protein expressed in adipose tissue. Hypoadiponectinemia is associated with low HDL cholesterol and high plasma triglycerides, which also characterize lipoprotein lipase (LPL) deficiency syndromes. Recently, dramatically increased LPL activity was reported in mice overexpressing adiponectin. We therefore speculated that(More)
Hedgehog (Hh) signaling is implicated in bone development and cellular transformation. Here we show that inhibition of Hh pathway activity inhibits tumor growth through effects on the microenvironment. Pharmacologic inhibition of the Hh effector Smoothened (Smo) increased trabecular bone in vivo and inhibited osteoclastogenesis in vitro. In addition,(More)
Probabilistic Boolean network (PBN) modelling is a semi-quantitative approach widely used for the study of the topology and dynamic aspects of biological systems. The combined use of rule-based representation and probability makes PBN appealing for large-scale modelling of biological networks where degrees of uncertainty need to be considered. A(More)
MiRNAs are increasingly recognized as biomarkers for the diagnosis of cancers where they are profiled from tumor tissue (intracellular miRNAs) or serum/plasma samples (extracellular miRNAs). To improve detection of reliable biomarkers from blood samples, we first compiled a healthy reference miRNome and established a well-controlled analysis pipeline(More)
RATIONALE The dramatic upregulation of αvβ3-integrin that occurs in the vasculature during tumor growth has long suggested that the endothelial expression of this molecule is an ideal target for antiangiogenic therapy to treat cancer. This discovery led to the development of small-molecule inhibitors directed against αvβ3-integrin that are currently in(More)
BACKGROUND Increased risk of osteoporosis and its clinical significance in patients with diabetes is controversial. We analyze osteoporosis prevalence and determinants of bone mineral density (BMD) in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes. METHODS Three hundred and ninety-eight consecutive diabetic patients from a single outpatient clinic received a(More)
The adenosine diphosphate (ADP) receptor P2RY12 (purinergic receptor P2Y, G protein coupled, 12) plays a critical role in platelet aggregation, and P2RY12 inhibitors are used clinically to prevent cardiac and cerebral thrombotic events. Extracellular ADP has also been shown to increase osteoclast (OC) activity, but the role of P2RY12 in OC biology is(More)