Jochen Fröhlich

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An efficient approach for the simulation of finite-size particles with interface resolution was presented by Uhlmann (J. The present paper proposes several enhancements of this method which considerably improve the results and extend the range of applicability. An important step is a simple low-cost iterative procedure for the Euler-Lagrange coupling(More)
therefore the damping layer has to be large enough to prevent reentrant waves at the physical boundary. Hence In this paper we develop a method for the simulation of wave propagation on artificially bounded domains. The acoustic wave the approach is not only costly in terms of memory require-equation is solved at all points away from the boundaries by a(More)
Recent work has suggested that the N95 peak of the transient pattern electroretinogram (PERG) may be a more sensitive indicator of the late stages of retinal function prior to optic nerve activation than the P50 peak. In this report, we show that a new measure of N95 amplitude, based on digital filtering methods to identify a non-linear baseline before(More)
Sixteen normal subjects and three patients with optic neuritis were studied to determine the effect of decreased retinal illumination on simultaneously recorded pattern electroretinograms (PERG) and visual-evoked potentials (VEP). Using neutral-density filters (NDF), it was found that linear modeling is an excellent fit for VEP/PERG amplitudes and latencies(More)
The transient pattern electroretinogram (PERG) was recorded from 16 patients with acute optic neuritis and from 13 patients with acute non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION). All patients were tested within 35 days from the the onset of visual symptoms and all had significant central visual field abnormalities in their affected eyes as(More)
The paper presents Large Eddy Simulations of plane channel flow at a friction Reynolds number of 180 and 395 with a block-structured Finite Volume method. Local grid refinement near the solid wall is employed in order to reduce the computational cost of such simulations or other simulations of wall-bounded flows. Different subgrid-scale models are employed(More)
The two-sample Wilcoxon rank sum test is the most popular non-parametric test for the comparison of two samples when the underlying distributions are not normal. Although the underlying distributions need not be known in detail to calculate the null distribution of the test statistic, parametric assumptions are often made to determine the power of the test(More)
High-order methods gain more and more attention in computational fluid dynamics. However, the potential advantage of these methods depends critically on the availability of efficient elliptic solvers. With spectral-element methods, static condensation is a common approach to reduce the number of degree of freedoms and to improve the condition of the(More)
The paper reports on DNS and LES of plane channel flow at Reτ = 180 and compares these to a DNS with a higher order convection scheme. For LES different subgrid-scale models like the Smagorinsky, the Dynamic Smagorinsky and the Dynamic Mixed Model were used with the grid being locally refined in the near-wall region. The mixing of a passive scalar has been(More)