Jochen Eckert

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Earlier studies on attachment and substance use disorders using the Hazan and Shaver (1987) self-report mainly indicate a link with "avoidant" attachment styles. Studies working with the Adult Attachment Interview (Main & Goldwyn, 1998) have produced inconsistent results. The present study used the Bartholomew (1990) interview coding system to assess(More)
Oliver Hinz, Jochen Eckert The Impact of Search and Recommendation Systems on Sales in Electronic Commerce The Internet and related technologies have vastly expanded the variety of products that can be profitably promoted and sold by online retailers. Furthermore, search and recommendation tools reduce consumers’ search costs in the Internet and enable them(More)
Within a multisite study, including 289 inpatients from six different hospitals who underwent interpersonal-psychodynamic group psychotherapy, associations among attachment characteristics, therapeutic factors, and treatment outcome were investigated. Attachment characteristics were assessed with an interview-based measure (Adult Attachment Prototype Rating(More)
OBJECTIVES In the present paper, data from four German studies on the efficacy of outpatient psychoanalytic long-term psychotherapy were examined for symptom reduction (SCL-90-R) and reduction of interpersonal problems (IIP-D). Specifically, the research question addressed the efficacy of long-term therapy in specific diagnostic groups and was was compared(More)
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the long-term effects of outpatient client-centered psychotherapy limited to 12 sessions on patients with adjustment disorder (ICD-10 F43.2). The patients in the follow-up study (n = 25) had been diagnosed to be suffering from an adjustment disorder in response to one of the following stressful events: the(More)
Search engine marketing is currently the most popular form of online advertising. Many advertising agencies and bloggers claim that the success of search engine marketing is driven by the ‘‘long tail”, defined in this research as the many less popular keywords employed by users to search the Internet, and suggest that search engine marketing campaigns need(More)
the Internet makes it easy to offer large assortments of products, tempting managers to chase the “long tail”—that is, the phenomenon in which niche products gain a significant share of demand among all products. Yet few studies empirically examine the existence and drivers of this long tail phenomenon. this study uses a unique data set with 843,922(More)
Interpersonal problems were studied in 121 patients treated with psychoanalytic therapy using the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems. Four characteristic subtypes were identified, which differed in the quality and flexibility of their interpersonal behavior. Independent of the predominant type of interpersonal problems, the psychotherapy treatment led to(More)
In a prospective naturalistic design 31 patients with long-term behavior therapy (average 63 treatment hours) and 31 patients with psychoanalytically-oriented long-term therapy (average 185 treatment hours) were compared. All patients were examined by extern interviewers with the Structured Clinical Interview for Diagnosis (SCID) before they were included(More)