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—Process discovery is the learning task that entails the construction of process models from event logs of information systems. Typically, these event logs are large data sets that contain the process executions by registering what activity has taken place at a certain moment in time. By far the most arduous challenge for process discovery algorithms(More)
— Organisations are constantly seeking new ways to improve operational efficiencies. This research study investigates a novel way to identify potential efficiency gains in business operations by observing how they are carried out in the past and then exploring better ways of executing them by taking into account trade-offs between time, cost and resource(More)
—Recent years have witnessed the ability to gather an enormous amount of data in a large number of domains. Also in the field of business process management, there exists an urgent need to beneficially use these data to retrieve actionable knowledge about the actual way of working in the context of a certain business process. The research field concerned is(More)