Jochen Brasch

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BACKGROUND The pathogenetic relationship between oral lichenoid reactions (OLR) and dental amalgam fillings is still a matter of controversy. OBJECTIVES To determine the diagnostic value of patch tests with amalgam and inorganic mercury (INM) and the effect of amalgam removal in OLR associated with amalgam fillings. METHODS In 134 consecutive patients(More)
Our aim was to explore the current spectrum of contact allergens in schoolchildren, as a basis for diagnosis and prevention of allergic contact dermatitis. Results of patch tests in children 6-15 years old, performed in the years 1990-1995 by 22 centres of the German Contact Dermatitis Research Group and filed by the Information Network of Departments of(More)
Dermatophytes are hyphomycetes that can degrade keratin. This puts them in a position to cause infections of the keratin-containing superficial skin. The resulting clinical picture is called tinea. The pathogenesis and course of tinea is decisively determined by pathogen-related factors and by the defense mechanisms of the host. An infection starts with an(More)
Candida (C.) species colonize the estrogenized vagina in at least 20% of all women. This statistic rises to 30% in late pregnancy and in immunosuppressed patients. The most often occurring species is Candida albicans. Host factors, especially local defense deficiencies, gene polymorphisms, allergic factors, serum glucose levels, antibiotics, psychosocial(More)
Schnitzler syndrome is a rare disease characterized by a chronic urticarial rash and a monoclonal gammopathy. The exact pathogenesis is still uncertain and treatment remains a challenge. Here, we report a patient who was only recently given the diagnosis of Schnitzler syndrome although the typical symptoms had been present for about 6 years. Administration(More)
BACKGROUND Continual surveillance based on patch test results has proved useful for the identification of contact allergy. OBJECTIVES To provide a current view on the spectrum of contact allergy to important sensitizers across Europe. PATIENTS/METHODS Clinical and patch test data of 19 793 patients patch tested in 2005/2006 in the 31 participating(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify the molecular defect for the clinical finding of congenital hypothyroidism combined with the manifestation of calcinosis cutis in infancy. CASE REPORT The male patient presented with moderately elevated blood thyrotropin levels at neonatal screening combined with slightly decreased plasma thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine(More)
Skin infection caused by dermatophytes is called tinea. In this short review, the known mechanisms and factors involved in human tinea and important for the host response are briefly delineated. To establish tinea, fungal propagules must attach to the skin, germinate and overcome the epidermal barrier. Keratinases and other enzymes are released in this(More)
A crucial role of the epidermal permeability barrier is obvious in contact dermatitis. An intact skin barrier prevents the penetration of harmful substances into the skin. Irritants and allergens that stay on the skin surface and come into contact with the stratum corneum only do not harm the skin. After disruption of the skin barrier, however, irritants(More)