Jochen Bilek

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Structural engineering projects are increasingly organized in networked cooperations due to a permanently enlarged competition pressure and a high degree of complexity while performing the concurrent design activities. Software that intends to support such collaborative structural design processes implicates enormous requirements. In the course of our(More)
Examination of rectal swabs from 187 dogs and 13 cats showed that Salmonella spp. was present in only one dog, a 4-month old mongrel puppy, weighing 3.5 kg. It was identified as S. dublin, a species specific serovar of cattle. The animal exhibited no signs of disease during clinical examination. Of the total number of examined animals this positive dog(More)
UNLABELLED It is natural for the man to take care of his environment so the negative influences of intensification of industrial and agricultural production and the entire process of pollution are kept at minimum or eliminated as early as possible. However, they must first be identified. BACKGROUND companion animals, for example dogs, are a very good(More)
The actions of insulin, prolactin and cortisol on protein, lipid and casein syntheses were examined in goat mammary explants in culture. The synthesis of the three products was stimulated by insulin and prolactin associated or not with cortisol. Casein synthesis was stimulated only when prolactin was present in the culture medium. Prolactin alone was able(More)
Modern engineering projects in the application domain of structural design are organized as networked co-operations due to permanently enlarged competition pressure and a high degree of complexity while performing concurrent design activities. One of the major challenges of these networked co-operations constitutes the coordination of the activities of all(More)
The effect of bovine growth hormone (bGH) on DNA, protein and casein synthesis in goat mammary explants was studied. Growth hormone was unable to stimulate DNA synthesis or potentiate insulin-stimulated DNA synthesis either in high or low oxygen concentrations. In the presence of insulin and cortisol bGH had no effect on the synthesis of explant cytosol(More)
The application of the Industrial Ethernet brings up issues of both the reliability and behaviour of the networks under a demanded load, while preserving the permitted time delay in the whole network. We propose an algorithm that designs the network topology, which meets the required fault tolerance and allows reliable communication between the parts of the(More)
Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. quinckeanum is a zoophilic form of T. mentagrophytes. It induces murine favus in the form of coarse yellow scutules bigger than 1 cm in diameter. In March, 2002, a 52-year-old male patient was examined at the Dermatology Clinic of the Medical Faculty in Kosice with a 1-week anamnesis of a solitary, oval, annular focus, 3 cm(More)
BACKGROUND The infiltrative growth of fungi that multiplies in the tissues (dermatophytes, candida, agents of visceral mycoses) is the generally known proof of "active" functioning of these organisms. The relative importance of fungi as inducers of human and animal diseases grows constantly. METHODS The study was carried out on dogs that showed skin(More)