Jochen B Schröder

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We experimentally demonstrate the operation of a passively mode-locked Raman fiber ring laser with an ultrahigh repetition rate of 100 GHz and up to 430 mW of average output power. This laser constitutes a simple wavelength versatile pulsed optical source. Stable mode locking is based on dissipative four-wave mixing with a single fiber Bragg grating acting(More)
We show the first simultaneous OSNR monitoring of two 40 Gb/s OOK and DPSK channels, using only a wavelength selective switch and two slow photodetectors. Our approach is modulation format and bit-rate independent and can easily be included in existing reconfigurable networks.
We investigate the intensity noise of a continuous-wave Raman fiber laser based on a novel technique where the noise is sampled with a low repetition rate signal in a low walk-off Raman amplifier configuration. With this method, we experimentally demonstrate that continuous-wave Raman fiber lasers exhibit high contrast intensity fluctuations on a timescale(More)
We report phase-sensitive amplification of light using χ((3)) parametric processes in a chalcogenide ridge waveguide. By spectrally slicing pump, signal and idler waves from a single pulsed source, we are able to observe 9.9 dB of on-chip phase-sensitive extinction with a signal-degenerate dual pump four-wave mixing architecture in good agreement with(More)
We report the demonstration of automatic higher-order dispersion compensation for the transmission of 275 fs pulses associated with a Tbaud Optical Time Division Multiplexed (OTDM) signal. Our approach achieves simultaneous automatic compensation for 2nd, 3rd and 4th order dispersion using an LCOS spectral pulse shaper (SPS) as a tunable dispersion(More)
We demonstrate a tunable passively mode-locked fiber laser with a selectable repetition rate of up to 640 GHz. The mode-locking mechanism is based on dissipative four-wave mixing in combination with a programmable optical processor as the spectral filter. We achieve up to 20 nm wavelength tunability and present mode-locked operation at repetition rates(More)
We experimentally demonstrate phase-sensitive amplification in a silicon photonic crystal waveguide based on pump-degenerate four-wave mixing. An 11 dB phase-extinction ratio is obtained in a record compact 196 μm nanophotonic device due to broadband slow light, in spite of the presence of two-photon absorption and free carriers. Numerical calculations show(More)
We demonstrate a photonic chip-based all-optical exclusive-OR (XOR) gate for phase-encoded optical signals via four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear, dispersion-engineered chalcogenide (As2S3) planar waveguide. We achieve error-free, XOR operation for 40 Gbit/s differential phase shift keying (DPSK) optical signals with no power penalty. The effectiveness(More)