Jochen Bäuerle

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The aim of this work was to investigate the potential of ultrasound-based optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) measurements in detecting raised intracranial pressure in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) and to describe ONSD response to lumbar puncture. In ten patients with newly diagnosed IIH, transorbital sonography was carried out to(More)
BACKGROUND Quantification of the optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) by transbulbar sonography is a promising non-invasive technique for the detection of altered intracranial pressure. In order to establish this method as follow-up tool in diseases with intracranial hyper- or hypotension scan-rescan reproducibility and accuracy need to be systematically(More)
BACKGROUND The use of an ultrasound-based evaluation of the optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) has previously been demonstrated for detecting raised intracranial pressure. In order to be feasible in clinical workup, the test qualities of transorbital ultrasonography need to be determined. The aim of this study was therefore to establish normal values and to(More)
The "D drug" HIV reverse-transcriptase inhibitors zalcitabine, didanosine, and stavudine are relatively strong inhibitors of polymerase-gamma compared with the "non-D drugs" zidovudine, lamivudine, and abacavir. D drugs deplete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in cultured hepatocytes. This mtDNA depletion is associated with an increased in vitro production of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To assess the accuracy of ocular B-mode sonography and of standard head computed tomography (CT) as screening tools for intraocular hemorrhages related to subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). METHODS 46 patients with spontaneous SAH were examined using ocular B-mode sonography and underwent funduscopy as gold standard for detection of(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral air embolism is a life-threatening complication of various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Hyperbaric oxygenation is considered to be the cornerstone of its treatment. CASE DESCRIPTION We report a patient with cerebral air embolism after endoscopy of a perineal abscess. Immediate CT imaging confirmed the diagnosis and MRI showed(More)
OBJECTIVES It has been suggested that chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection depletes mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in the liver. Because decreased mtDNA levels were also found in humans infected with HIV, we investigated whether HIV may have aggravated hepatic mtDNA depletion in individuals with HCV infection. METHODS In this cross-sectional study, liver(More)
Cerebral ischemia due to meningovascular syphilis is rare and more frequently affects the anterior circulation than the posterior circulation. We describe clinical features and imaging studies of a 50-year-old patient with Parinaud syndrome and a syphilitic dorsal midbrain infarction. Brain magnetic resonance imaging indicated vasculitis of the posterior(More)
A 61-year-old man presented with asymmetric weakness of the right lower leg, especially of the plantarflexion and with intermittent oedemas of the right lower limb. These symptoms first appeared more than 10 years ago and showed a slow progression, with exacerbations 3 years and again 1 year ago. They are accompanied by sensory impairment with plantar,(More)