Jochen Bähr

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A new concept for a common interface between passive and active single-mode devices is proposed. The submicrometer alignment accuracy necessary for efficient coupling of single-mode devices is extended to the range of some 10 mum by beam expansion with planar gradient-index microlenses; the increased angular sensitivity is satisfied by the use of planar(More)
Fabrication of planar microlens arrays by silver-sodium ion exchange is possible by using a new glass type, optimized for this technology. Because of its nonlinear diffusion response it is well suited to the fabrication of microlens arrays. We show that the diffusion coefficient can be described theoretically by an exponential concentration dependence. The(More)
We report the fabrication of planar microlenses with numerical apertures (N.A.'s) of 0.2 by field-assisted Ag-Na ion exchange in glass. To measure the N.A. of microlenses, different definitions can be used. We discuss the issue of measuring the N.A. and suggest an additional definition based on diffraction-limited performance. According to a simple model,(More)
We test the statistical properties of static, atmospherelike wave fronts in glass that allow repeatable testing of astronomical adaptive optics instrumentation. The technology is mask-structured ion exchange (MSI) in glass and has significant advantages over other transmissive technologies. The screens are easy to clean, are insensitive to ambient(More)
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