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The purpose of this paper is to derive, in a unified way, second order necessary and sufficient optimality criteria, for four types of nonsmooth minimization problems: the discrete minimax problem, the discrete lrapproximation, the minimization of the exact penalty [unction and the minimization of the classical exterior penalty .function. Our results(More)
  • Numerische Mathematik, Michal Ko Cvara, Jochem Zowe
  • 1994
We propose an algorithm for the numerical solution of large-scale symmetric positive-deenite linear complementarity problems. Each step of the algorithm combines an application of the successive overrelaxation method with projection (to determine an approximation of the optimal active set) with the preconditioned conjugate gradient method (to solve the(More)
Free material design deals with the question of finding the stiffest structure with respect to one or more given loads which can be made when both the distribution of material as the material itself can be freely varied. The case of one single load has been discussed in several recent papers and an efficient numerical approach was presented in [7]. We(More)