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Concern has arisen for the safety of children using the Internet to support their education outside the school context. Inappropriate material such as pornography, inflammatory and racist writings can be ac-cessed both by accident and with deliberate intent to view. Children are also perceived to be at risk from approaches by strangers, particularly in(More)
Students in both nurse and teacher training are now expected to learn to make effective use of IT for their profession. However, they enter training with a variety of experience in IT which will affect how they respond to further IT skills training. In this survey, 154 nursing and 128 teacher training students reported on the uses they had made of computers(More)
The two separate projects described have examined how teachers exploit computer-based technologies in supporting learning of science at secondary level. This paper examines how pedagogical approaches associated with these technological tools are adapted to both the cognitive and structuring resources available in the classroom setting. Four teachers(More)